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How do I know which Biodynamic Balance Insert level is right for me?

There are 3 levels of inserts provided with each pair Superthotics that correct for different levels of pronation in your feet. To determine which is best for you, try out each of the levels and see which feels the most comfortable initially. If unsure, start with the lowest level (Low) and then move to Level 2 (Medium) and Level 3 (High) to see how they feel. Always wear the level that feels the most comfortable. Never use the orthotic without a Biodynamic Balance Insert installed and never use with 2 different levels of inserts installed (i.e. one level in the one foot, and a different level in the other foot), unless otherwise instructed by your podiatrist.


How does your sizing work?

You simply pick the gender (men's or women's) and size of whatever shoe size you normally wear. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up to the next size range. Please send us a message, if you have any questions about your specific sizing needs.


Does Superthotics work in all shoes (including heeled shoes)?

Superthotics works with most shoe types where the orthotic can be enclosed, including certain heeled shoes. However, Superthotics will not work well in open sandals, high-heeled stilettos, or any other open shoe similar to those, where they cannot be secured in place.


What is your return policy?

Superthotics is backed by our unconditional 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If, within 30 days of receiving your Superthotics, you are not thrilled with your results, simply return them for a complete refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing).

Return to:
1392 Sarah Place, Unit B
Ontario, CA 91761


Will Superthotics work for flat feet?

Yes. If you have flat feet, you need proper arch support, which is one of Superthotics' main features. In addition to using our customizable Biodynamic Balance Inserts to keep your arches from collapsing in, Superthotics’ durable arch also provides excellent structure and support.


How long will my Superthotics last?

While everyone's frequency of usage may be different, Superthotics isn't like those flimsy drugstore inserts. Superthotics is precision-molded with the same type of high-tech polymers as costly prescription orthotics, so it is designed to last for many years of support and comfort.


Are Superthotics easy to use?

You bet. You just insert the height you want for your Biodynamic Balance Inserts, slip your Superthotics into your shoes and start walking. It's that easy.
Take it from Danielle, she's a bartender who is on her feet for a good 8-10 hours per day and experienced pain starting from her feet and radiating all the way up to her back. Since she started using Superthotics, she said, "Feet pain? Gone. Arch pain? Gone. My ankle feels so much better--my back has never felt so good. And they're super easy! They slip into your shoes, they're adjustable per what your arch type is, and honestly, I am so grateful for them, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone."


If I order more than one pair of Superthotics, will it come with its own set of Biodynamic Balance Inserts?

Absolutely! Each pair of Superthotics comes with its own set of low, medium and high Biodynamic Balance Inserts for each foot. That means you will get a set of low, medium and high inserts for your right foot and a set for your left foot.


Do you have sizes available for children or juniors?

We only make sizes for adults at this time. As parents know, the feet of children and juniors grow extremely quickly! Superthotics is recommended for adults whose feet have stopped growing.


Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we are only shipping to US and Canada customers. Please check back in the future for additional international shipping.


What are the Superthotics made out of?

Superthotics are made up of hypoallergenic plastics polymers for the orthotic all around, and made of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for the heel cup.


Can Superthotics be worn if you have Diabetes, or other chronic foot pain?

If you are a diabetic, suffer from chronic foot pain, persistent joint problems, have numbness in your feet or circulation problems, check with your physician before wearing Superthotics. Approval from your doctor is of great importance. If you suffer from one of the above conditions and a physician's approval cannot be obtained, please return your Superthotics for a refund.

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Superthotics Walk Away the Pain Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty.
The Superthotics Walk Away the Pain Guarantee

Try them for a full 30 days. If you don’t have better mobility and less pain, simply send them back for a full refund of your purchase price (less shipping and processing).

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Lifetime Replacement Warranty

If you want to replace your Superthotics for any reason, just return them to the address above (with $9.95 shipping & processing), and we will exchange them for FREE, FOREVER.